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Betliar Castle - Museum
Published: 16.9.2010
Betliar Castle belongs to most beautiful preserved nobility seats in Slovakia. The building is hidden in the middle of extensive park in a community of the same name, not far from the town of Rožňava.

Somalia I.
Published: 15.9.2010
Somalia is not a country where the toutists travel with interest and pleasure. Despite this fact that actual political situation is not good for the time being, the country merits not to be omitted.

Serpa: A Countryside Famous For Its Cheese - VIDEO
Published: 14.9.2010
The area around the town of Beja belongs to most warmest ones in Portugal. The thermometer shows us, just for several days, the temperature higher than 40°C. Moreover, the temperature of 30°C could be noted even in the night. Nevertheless, this hot weather is very acceptable for olive-trees. The trees border a way towards small village of Serpa. The community is distant approx. 200 kms from Lisbon

Modrý Kameň Castle
Published: 10.9.2010
Small town of Modrý Kameň is situated not far from district town of Velký Krtíš, in south of Central Slovakia. As a dominante, it is a hill with historical castle. Slovak National Museum established there a Museum of Puppet Culture and Toys, the only one in Slovak Republic.

A Trip Into Slovak Paradise
Published: 9.9.2010
Active holidays Provided you do not wish to travel in far destination at seaside areas (with sun-bath in overcrowded beaches), so, we have a tip for interesting and active holiday, where you can visit many attractive and romantic corners of Slovakia or Czech Republic.

Kenya - African Green Paradise VI.
Published: 8.9.2010
What you can eat in Kenya? Which are local means of transport? The replies could be found in this 6th part of our report.

Obidos - A Tip For Wedding Gift
Published: 7.9.2010
"When you marriage me, I'll present you with all the town!" - Don Denis, one of Portuguese Kings, said. And Dona Isabel? She did not reply: „No!“, of course. She obtained Obidos. But its was no exception at that time period. Since 1282, this town became a typical gift for brides.

China - Yangshuo And It's Magic Surroundings
Published: 5.9.2010
If you would like to have a stop in a locality, where the time is passing in another rate of speed, where everyday hunt for activity and stress do not have any chance, so, you arrived to the right spot. It is Yangshuo, small Chinese town, situated in nature karst along Li and Yulong rivers.

Kenya - African Green Paradise V.
Published: 4.9.2010
This time, let´s have a look at the town of Malindi and the other Kenyan resorts.

Kenya - African Green Paradise IV.
Published: 1.9.2010
Till 1906, the town of Mombasa, one of oldest African seats, was a capital of Kenya.

Lisbon II. - Places Of Interest For Tourists-VIDEO
Published: 31.8.2010
Lisbon Quarter - The Park of Nations - is a demonstration of perfect European metropolis, where Expo World Exhibition was taken place in 1998. The Portugueses were so enthusiastic to get the chance to organize this event that the face of the town was completely changed. New Vasco da Gama Bridge was open for public shortly before the exhibition starting date.

Canadian Mountain Wilderness
Published: 30.8.2010
Yasper National Park is the greatest partk of Rocky Mountains in Alberta, the Province of Canada. The extent of this park makes 11000 square kilometres. You can find there many glaciers, lakes, waterfalls and mountains.

Kenya - African Green Paradise III.
Published: 28.8.2010
Nairobi ("a place where cold water is available") belongs to one of greatest towns in Africa. The British citadel, where the town was established (in the altitude of nearly 2000 metres above sea level), protected one of the first railway line (Mombasa-Victoria Lake) of the continent.

Lisbon I.- A Pulsation Of Portuguese Capital-VIDEO
Published: 24.8.2010
Hot Portuguese blood is uniting with hot weather bull fights, football (soccer) an wild night life - all this belongs to Portugueses. On the other hand, romantic snug corners, countless churches or irresistible vanilla baskets, have the same importance.

Constance And Huss House - Germany
Published: 23.8.2010
This year, we recollected just the 595th anniversary of martyr's death of Master John Huss, Bohemian priest and reformer, in the German town of Constance. It means that in 2015, it will pass away 600 years form this event which expressively influenced not only Bohemian history. So, we can assume that this town, placed along banks of Constance Lake will be more popular tourist targed.

Trapani Is Placed In Sicily
Published: 22.8.2010
At the beginning of the summer, there was appeared on Bratislava Airport of M.R.Stefanik - till now quite unknown destination - Trapani Birgi. And just low introduction prices became a temptation to visit these attractive places of Italian island of Sicilly.

Kenya - African Green Paradise I.
Published: 21.8.2010
Kenya is an important African country, which has great nature wealth, involving unique sorts of fauna and flora, as well as its colonial past of mixture with local culture and customs.

Warshaw - Poland
Published: 9.8.2010
Warsaw is a capital and the greatest town in Poland at the same time. The town has two millions of inhabitants and is placed along banks of Wisla-river.

Washington D.C.
Published: 8.8.2010
Since 1800, Washington is a capital of United States of America. It is a seat of President, Congress and Highest Court. The town got its name according to the George Washington, the first President of USA.

Borobudur - Indonesia
Published: 2.8.2010
Borobudur is a church complex of Mahajana Buddhism Faith in Magelang (Indonesia), in Central Island of Java. It consists of six square terraces, finished with three circular terraces, where many relief panels and Buddha statues could be found.

Braulio Carrillo
Published: 26.7.2010
Braulio Carrillo National Park is, with its extent of 44 100 ha, the greatest national park of Costarica. This park involves fog forests as well as plain land rain forests. You can find it not far from capital San Jose.

Vranov Nad Topl'ou
Published: 15.7.2010
The town of Vranov nad Topl'ou is situated in east part of Slovakia, in Prešov Region. It is an administrative as well as economic centre of the district, with cultural and relax backround.

Published: 5.7.2010
Aden is a greatest Yemen port, placed close to Aden Bay.

Hongkong Town - China
Published: 4.7.2010
Hong-kong is a Chinese town, situated at the coasts of South-China Sea. Hong-kong belongs to very important economical as well as business centres of the area.

Munich - Germany
Published: 27.6.2010
The town of Munich is situated near to the Alp Mountain Range, along Isar-river. The locality is the third biggest German town. At the same time, Munich is a capital of Bavaria Federal Country.

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