Nízké Tatry (Low Tatra Mountains) - Slovakia

Extent: 1258 km²

This mountain complex is most extended mountain range of Slovak Republic and take its central part in districts of Liptovský Mikuláš, Brezno, Ružomberok, Banská Bystrica and Poprad. The nucleus of this West Carpathian Mountain Range is formed with granite and crystalic slates.

Highest peak: Ďumbier (2043 m)

Surface: in its northern part, it is formed mostly with pine-wood forests, in its southern path, there are to be found leafy-woods and beech-tree forests, whereas in higher locations plough-tail is prevailing.

In the area, there are open for public ice-caves, such as: Demanovská Cave of Freedom, Demanovska Ice Cave, Važec Cave, Bystrianska Cave and Cave of Dead Bats.

Low Tatra Mountains are declared as National Park, thanks to local rare and variegated fauna and flora.






SK: Low Tatras – Up to Dumbier in Winter
heading (paragraph): Hills
No. of pictures: 25 pictures

Dumbier - the hill in the Low Tatra Mountains, visited by every mountain tourist. This mighty mountain is undoubtedly one of the most famous and most visited hills of the Low Tatras. It is the highest peak of the mountain range, reaching an altitude of 2 046 meters. Dumbier offers breathtaking panoramic views of the surroundings - the main ridge of the Low Tatras with its adjacent valleys and ruins, but above all the beautiful panoramas of the Western and High Tatras. For tourists it is accessible all year round. During the winter time, this mountain is a frequent destination for hiking but mainly for cross-country skiing. A great advantage is also the presence of the nearby M. R. Stefanik's cabin which can provide visitors with refreshments, relaxing in warm cozy alpine huts and overnight stays. We can do climbs up Dumbier from the Bystre valley from Srdiečko, the main ridge from Certovice or from the upper station of the Chopok cable car station and then the crossing over the main ridge.


Text and photos: Radoslav Biskupič

SK: Gigantic Baranec, Klak and Ďumbier in Winter
heading (paragraph): Hills
No. of pictures: 36 pictures

Come along with us to the fabulous landscape of the magical mountains. Admire the snow duvet of Klak (1,352 m above sea level), the West Tatras - Baranec (2,185 m above sea level) or the highest peak of the Low Tatras - Ďumbier (2,046 m above sea level). Enjoy the sunsets and let yourself be carried away by the calm and freezing atmosphere.


Text: Oskár Mažgút

Photos: Karol Kobella (www.karolkobella.sk)

SK, Čierny Balog: To See the Magic of Čiernohorská Railway
heading (paragraph): Sights
No. of pictures: 34 pictures

Experience a brief return to the past with the following photos. Enjoy the views of the famous Čiernohorská railway, which has been attracting many tourists to the Čierný Hron valley with steam hissing from a locomotive for years. Enjoy nostalgic rides in an open train among beautiful nature. We will take you to Čierny Balog, the mysterious Vydrovské valley and to the settlement of Dobroč.


Text and photos: Mgr. Anna Nociarová

Edited by Infoglobe

Demanovská Valley In Low Tatra Mountains
heading (paragraph): Hills
No. of pictures: 27 pictures

Nucleus mountain range of Low Tatra Mountains is most extensive chain of Slovak Republic, and the second highest one at the same time. In its north part, it is spreaded its most known and most visited part – Demanovska Valley. This valley keeps many beauties, on a surface or hidden entrails in a form of marvellous caves. The whole valley is interwoven with a nest of tourist trails.

Text/photo: Branislav Grebečí


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