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Tatra Mountain Range forms a countryside complex of Fatra-Tatra area. The complex is situated in north part of Slovakia, on the border with Poland, in Prešov and Žilina Regions, whereas three-fourths of the territory is placed in Slovakia. The complex is to be found in Liptovský Mikuláš, Poprad, Kežmarok and Tvrdošín districts. Tatra is this highest mountain range of the whole Carpathian arch, with many peaks, exceeding 2500 metres above sea level.


700 square kilometres

The highest point:

Gerlach Peak - 2655 metres above sea level





Short characteristics:

Tatra complex is divided into two geomorphological sections, such as: West Tatra and East Tatra, divided further into High Tatra and Belianské Tatra. East Tatra is placed mostly in Spiš Region, whereas West Tatra is to be found in Liptov and Orava Regions.

Tatra is nucleus mountain range, formed mostly with granite, limestones and dolomites. Tatra relief is a work of water flows, mainly mountain glaciers. It is expressively articulated, with glacier kettles and moraines. You can also find there many glacier lakes.

However, in 2004, this afforested countryside was struck with destructive nature catastrpohe, in a form of hard windy calamity, which destroyed completely a part of Tatra forests. So, pine-trees and fir-pine forests are prevailing there, you can also meet limba-pine trees, or plough-tails and Alp meadows in higher sections. In some places and sections, even leafy trees (especially in Belianské Tatra) could be found.

The whole territory belongs to Tatra National Park (TANAP), including their protective belts. The whole area is interwoven with many tourist trails. So called Tatra Main Route leads throughout complete Tatra Mountain Range.


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