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Kozie Chrbty (Goats' Ridges) - Slovakia


Kozie Chrbty ridges are situated in north-east Slovakia, in Žilina and Prešov Regions, in Liptovský Mikuláš and Poprad districts. The complex belongs to Fatra-Tatra area, which forms a part of Internal West Carpathian Mountains.


168 square kilometres

The highest hill:

Kozí kámen (Goat´s Hill). This hill has two peaks, connected with narrow rocky ridge, 1255 metres above sea level.





Short characteristics:

Kozie chrbty ridge is passing in west-east direction, from Kralova Lehota, at mouth of White and Black Váh rivers, up to Janovce, not far from the town of Poprad.

The mountain range is created with mineral rocks of Choč perm. Main mountain ridge is seldom dropping below the altitude of 1000 metres above sea level, so that it creates consistent barriere. From many places of the ridge, you can enjoy an interesting view, but from the highest hill (Kozí kámen-Goats´ Stone), despite the fact that it is often marked as view top, the tourists have to be satisfied with height measure of elevation, fire place, bank and notice book, containing many messages.

Mountain range relief has mostly highland character. The area belongs to warm and cold climatic area. South slopes are mostly covered with relic warmloving oaks. Another wooden trees which are to be appeared in this territory, these are: pine trees and pines. Non-afforested parts are covered mostly with meadows and pasture lands, less with fields.

One of local places of interest, it is Važec Karst, where you can find many caves and cave formations. So called Važec Cave is most popular, open for public. Zapolna Cave is the longest cave there. West part of  Kozie chrbty penetrates to Low Tatra National Park.




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